In 1980, on the benches of Lake Como in Italy, Giuliano Malimpensa founds Mesa.
After working with Gio Ponti, Cetti Serbelloni, Bruno Munari and other masters of Italian Design, he decides to establish a design firm that would merge Artistic creations with the old tradition of Italian Silversmithing. His aim was to create objects that would be Art pieces with a function, in order to enrich people’s everyday life through Art and craftsmanship.


The great tradition of Italian Silversmithing embodies centuries of knowhow, translated into the ability to create incredible Design items for whom every aspect of the making is exclusively handmade.
Hundreds of years of tradition are celebrated in the gestures and in the knowledgable hands of Mesa’s long trained artisans, making of every Mesa piece a unique and exquisite experience. The obsession for excellence and for the most exquisite Italian manufacturing are the true DNA of Mesa.



From 1986 to 1996 Mesa is invited by Riedel Glass to collaborate on a special collection, the iconic Silver Line a collection of household and kitchenware items hand crafted with the highest Silversmithing techniques.
1996 is also a very important year for the enterprise: Simona and Davide Malimpensa, Giuliano’s daughter and elder son join the family business, driving the company into the future of Italian Design.


From 1996 to 1999, in fact, that Mesa is invited to take part to the travelling exhibition “Italian Silvers – Design Selection”. The exhibition brings Mesa’s most iconic and celebrated pieces to the main capitals worldwide, establishing the precious know how and the outstanding designs globally.





In 2001 Mattia Malimpensa, Giuliano’s youngest son, joins the company and from 2001 to 2012 Mesa is invited to design and realize the first prize for Monza Formula 1 car race, exporting Italian excellence to the world.



From 1980 until today, Mesa continues to collaborate with important Italian designers, that contribute to enrich the decades-long Mesa production with outstanding and always innovative design pieces.

Giuliano is still working in the now over 40 years old design firm, infusing every object with his knowledge and philosophy. Every Mesa item is still today produced entirely by hand with traditional techniques, the production is organized in small, artisanal batches.


The Mesa Atelier on the banks of Lake Como keeps hiring young talents to pass on the craftsmanship and the know-how of our senior Italian artisans, maintaining alive the centuries-long tradition of Italian Silvers.



Made in Italy

Mesa is an Italian Family-run business that operates from more than 40 years in Italian Design and Silversmithing. Since the beginning of its history it is renowned for the highest quality of its artisanal hand made Pieces that are conceived and hand produced on the banks of the Como lake. Unique pieces that can be solely produced by hand from expert Silversmiths.
Every procedure involved in the making of a Mesa item is taken directly from the rich Silversmithing tradition and is carefully manufactured by our Artisans, excellences in the field that give life to unique and bespoke Pieces of unique and unattainable quality.

From the very beginning up to today, the Mesa Atelier has grown, maintaining intact the philosophy that has given life to the brand: producing small batches of unique Pieces hand made in Italy, bending, curving, welding and finishing entirely by hand.
Each artisanal procedure that behind a Mesa item reveals the personality of the artisan that shaped it with his own hands, making of every item a unique experience of culture and Italian Design, at its best.

By letting one of our Pieces into your home, you are welcoming decades of tradition and centuries of knowledge, applied carefully on each and every one of our unique items.


Mesa’s archives are composed by more than 40 years of incessant experimentations and rich productions of artisanal Design Pieces that have contributed to mark the history of Italian Silvers. The incessant experimentations, research and development of new construction or finishing techniques on a large number of metals have allowed Mesa’s productions to being a link between the traditional Silversmithing techniques  and contemporary finishes or treatments.

The aspect of research at Mesa has always been at the core of each new development and new product.
Curiosity, pioneer spirit and the necessity to innovate have always characterized our Collections since the very beginning, building up an ever growing Archive of tests and samples that constitute a big source of inspiration for the Designers have have collaborated with the Mesa Atelier, contributing to write the history of Made in Italy.


Peppe di Giuli

Lorenzo Radaelli

Lina Obregon

Odoardo Fioravanti

Giuliano Malimpensa

Gianluigi Landoni

Francesco Bettoni

Carlo Colombo



Mesa is engaged in reducing its CO2 emissions in a constant fight to Global Warming. In our Atelier on Lake Como we have completely re-organized our waste recycling system, we have now achieved a zero-waste hand production practice.
Each element and material is highly selected for its outstanding quality performances, we only allow the highest-quality materials to be worked in our Atelier, recycling any type of waste.
From 2010 we have also revolutionized our packagings, reducing their volumes by 20% while protecting our precious Items in the best way, ensuring that our handmade creations will arrive at your door exactly as we ship them from our Atelier.
By reducing the volumes of our packaging we have achieved a 15% CO2 emissions reduction, as we engage to reduce them even further in the next years.


Amleto Missaglia 1884

Via Verdi, 6

20121 Milano



Bongiorni Cristalli Argenti

Via P. Capponi, 3

20145 Milano




Viale Piave, 40

20129 Milano




Via B. Zucchi, 46

20900 Monza




Via Dante, 2G

25124 Brescia



Berruto 1801

Piazza V. Veneto, 7

10124 Torino



Clamori Gioielli

Via Riccati, 74

31100 Treviso



Ditta Leone Limentani

Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 47

00186 Rome




Via Scandriglia, 17

00199 Rome



El Mar Home

Via dei Corrazzieri, 7

000143 Rome



Casidea Roma

Via G. Antonelli, 22/B

00197 Rome



Ditta W. Esposti

Via Manin, 44

30174 Mestre



Alberti Diego & c

Via Canal Chiaro, 66

41121 Modena



Centro Vendita Menozzi

Via Kennedy, 9

42124 Reggio Emilia




Via Roma, 7

46100 Mantova



Adriana Ghelfi

Piazza Borgo, 38

29100 Piacenza



Ugo Poggi

Via Strozzi, 26R

50123 Firenze



M E D di Minelli Fernando

Via Fiera Vecchia, 9

84122 Salerno



Cicero Gioielli

Via Rapisardi, 47

96019 Rosolini



Angiolella Versaci

Via Piave, 58

98071 Capo D’Orlando




Via Madonna della Via, 45

95041 Caltagirone



Arcadia Passaro

Via Tagliamento, 8

83100 Avellino




Via Marittima, 134

03100 Frosinone




Via Padre Anselmo, 79

97100 Ragusa



Francesco Sofia

Via S. Cecilia, 124

98123 Messina



Idea nozze di Sciacca Baldassare

Viale Italia, 5/7

91011 Alcamo



C’era una volta

Viale Cannatello, 34/A6

92100 Agrigento



Aprile Carla

Viale Medaglie d’oro, 2

97015 Modica



Russo e Di Mauro

Via IV novembre, 179/195

95019 Zafferana Etnea



Elite casa

Via Vittorio Veneto, 32

25128 Brescia



Oliva di Gianni Lenzi

Via Borfuro, 2

24122 Bergamo



Verga Selezione

Piazza S. Fedele, 28

22100 Como




26 Skoufa street

10673 Athens


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